You're born once only, but don't worry:
there are many more ways left for you
to experience sex.

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Lady Domina Johanna's
BDSM Service

Lady Domina Johanna

Johanna Sirkiä is also a Dominatrix: Lady Domina Johanna

I am Lady Domina Johanna, your Goddess. I enjoy domination and erotic role play whereby I am the active and dominant one. I enjoy getting you turned on and I enjoy making you come.

I enjoy many different aspects of BDSM but with you I want to fulfil those fantasies that turn you on.

Please do not hesitate in telling me about your wishes and fantasies. I will not, however, need a script as I like to improvise! Naturally, anything we do will be done respecting your wishes and the limits we have agreed on together.

I will look forward to having a session with you soon!

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This page was last updated on 26 Oct 2010

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